Jai Denise

Jai Denise is an eclectic blend of music and soul. She is a free spirit who enjoys every single moment of her life to the fullest, who fights hard for equality and fairness and loves hard for her fans and the people she cherishes.


Jai Denise is a Model, a Producer and Singer-Songwriter, but mostly she is someone who loves each and every supporter she has.

This musically minded beauty created the beats to her singles "Give It To me", "Sapio", and "Good Vibes" . When she was in elementary school, her grandmother gave her a toy piano and she would  play melodies that she later turned into songs. Her music inspiration is Timbaland. Jai Denise has made many public appearances and has won the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life.

Jai loves to be creative and she hopes to one day use her music to positively affect her community and family.


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